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Tune Ups

Residents of Southern California love to drive. The record number of rain free days in the area as compared to the rest of the United States results in more miles driven by those who live and work in the Los Angeles area than in many other states. This additional driving, does result in additional wear and tear on one’s automobile. As a result, one of the more popular services we offer at Mr. Kool’s Automotive are our full service engine tune ups at affordable low prices.

When you bring your car or truck in for a regular engine tune up at our auto repair shop, it will help bring back the fuel efficiency and power that you slowly lose over time with all makes and model of automobile. During our comprehensive engine tune up service, our ASE certified mechanics will make sure to visually inspect all engine components. We then proceed to install new engine parts based on the conditions found during our inspection. Once we complete the service, your car or truck’s engine will start more easily, get better gas mileage, and run more smoothly. Regular engine tune ups also help lower your automobile’s emission levels and save our consumers both time and money over the service life of the car.

Tune Up Shops

Mr. Kool’s Automotive also recommends our customers bring their car or truck in for our engine tune up service when observing some of the common indications that the vehicle requires service. These include but are not limited to: compromised engine power, a rough or stalling engine when the vehicle is stopped, engine “knocking” while you are accelerating, the engine continuing to run after the ignition is turned off, decreased gas mileage, and seeing the “Check Engine” light remain on after first starting your car.

The benefits of fixing an out of tune engine can be seen in both the short and long term. We have found that a number of our customers will see a short term savings with an increase in gas mileage of up to four percent after taking advantage of our engine tune up service. Over the long term, the customer saves on avoiding costly engine repairs that can be brought on through failed components that are normally caught during this service. When caught early, the service life of the vehicle can be extended, and you spend less time in our garage having to do bigger repairs than you had planned on accomplishing for your car or truck.

Due to the advanced technology used in today’s automobiles, it can be challenging for consumers to attempt to accomplish engine tune ups at home. The certified mechanics at Mr.Kool’s Automotive use only the most sophisticated engine diagnostic equipment and vehicle computer information to help identify worn out parts and locate hidden issues with your car or truck. During our tune up service, we will complete a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s entire engine and mechanisms, replace all worn out or faulty spark plugs, fuel filters, and air filters, adjust the timing and idle of the car or truck, and replace any faulty engine components such as the O2 sensor or electronic control module components. For those who drive stick shifts, we will also adjust the clutch. If you are not sure if your auto needs a tune up, just give our friendly staff a call and we will help walk you through the process and take care of your needs. If your need a muffler shop , give us a call as well. We carry all name brands at affordable prices.