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Transmission Repair

Mr. Kool’s Automotive has been helping customers with their transmission repair needs in Los Angeles since 2000. With our more than 14 years in the business, our highly skilled and certified mechanics are capable of handling any transmission problem or repair you might need fixed. Whether your automobile simply needs a transmission repair, inspection, or even other automotive services such as an oil change, we are here to help take care of your automobile. Our highly experienced staff takes great pride in being one of the most reliable, honest, prompt, and professional garages that you will find in the greater Los Angeles area. Our entire staff strives to make customer satisfaction the number one goal for our shop. We provide a 100 percent guarantee on all work we do in order to help give you the peace of mind that our mechanics will not try to make your vehicle into a large project that will ultimately cost you significantly more money that you might have available to get your car or truck back on the road.

At Mr. Kool’s Automotive, our technicians are trained to be able to identify any transmission service problem your vehicle might have. Although we provide free cost estimates to our customers, if you give our shop a call we can help you identify possible transmission issues on the phone. For example, if you hear the transmission making a loud noise, the transmission is slipping, the O.D. light is flashing, you are unable to change gears, you have problems with the vehicle while stopping or accelerating, or if you have problems with the automobile when first starting, then you likely need to have our mechanics give the vehicle a thorough examination to identify any transmission repair needs it might have.

Transmission Shops

One of the most common transmission issues that our staff has seen with our customer base in Southern California, is the transmission fluid being low. Depending on the make and model of your car or truck, the method to check the level will be slightly different. The fluid should also be checked when the automobile is in par. If the fluid level is too low, then after filling to the proper level, a test drive should be conducted to see if the problems experienced beforehand are resolved. If they are not, then checking the fluid again after a day will help inform us if there is a fluid leak somewhere in the line that our highly experienced technicians will need to locate and repair. There are many transmission shops in Los Angeles, make sure you bring your vehicle to a professional auto repair shop that can service it the right way. Our auto service station is located on Vermont and Slauson in the heart of Los Angeles.

We also recommend that our customers bring their automobiles in for more regular transmission repair or check-ups if the vehicle is driven under more extreme conditions that simply daily use. This helps maximize your transmission life and save you money over the long haul. We typically recommend that you follow the industry average and have the transmission serviced on an annual basis in order to avoid any big surprises with your private or commercial vehicle. Also, please remember that our brake service department carries name brand brakes at affordable prices.