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Engine Repair Los Angeles

During our more than 14 years in business, Mr. Kool’s Automotive has found that the freeways around Los Angeles can be pretty rough on local resident’s car engines and transmissions. To help our new and regular customers with these issues, we have provided engine repair services since opening our garage. Unfortunately, we find that a number of our new customers take their automobile into one of the less-established shops in the area with the promise of cheap engine work only to be led on with a number of unplanned fees and repairs after the job is started. Our certified mechanics will go out of their way to keep you fully updated during the repair assessment process so that you not only know what we might need to do to your car or truck engine, but more importantly give you a say before we start work on your vehicle. The last thing that we want to do is make your possibly small engine repair need into a big project that takes your automobile off of the street for an extended period of time.

Although the focus of Mr. Kool’s Automotive is on being a full service car and truck garage, our engine repair technicians are some of the best in the business. Our mechanics have access to the latest test equipment and repair techniques and are trained to perform the full range of engine service and repair options available for both foreign and domestic automobiles. If you need transmission repair services, we can assist you as well. We commonly find that if a customer’s vehicle has reached the point of requiring engine repairs that it will also need attention paid to other critical components of the vehicle to include the brakes, transmission, and even oil changes. Have no fear though, we will not hold you hostage to a full litany of repairs. Our team is trained to work with you on making a plan to get your car or truck back up to standards over time so that you do not have to donate a full pay check to our shop on your first visit. We will make sure that you know that drawbacks to any maintenance we do not perform on your automobile before you leave the shop as well as gie you realistic quotes on any issues we believe should be addressed at a future date.

For both residents and visitors to Los Angeles, Mr. Kool’s Automotive takes pride in providing high quality engine repair services to our customers. If you are looking for a garage that is grounded on principle and will truly take care of your car or truck engine needs, then you don’t need to look any further than our garage. Since our opening in 2000, we have taken great pride in being one of the most dependable auto mechanic shops in Los Angeles. We stand behind our work by providing a 100% warrantee and guarantee you will be satisfied with any job you hire us to accomplish.