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Although Los Angeles is a big city, at Mr. Kool’s Automotive, we find that many of our city’s residents want to find a regular auto mechanic that they can trust during our more than 14 years in business. The rapid expansion of specialized and niche auto garages throughout the city has only compounded this need throughout our customer base. Whether you are a new or returning customer to our all service area, our employees will go out of their way to personally connect with you and make you feel at ease while we take care of your automotive service needs.

All of our shop’s auto mechanics are professionally certified and have deep experience in the auto service industry. We are well-known throughout Los Angeles as being at the top of our field in just about any vehicle service or repair need that you might have for your personal or industrial car or truck. When you visit our shop, we are not interested in trying to gouge our customers out of every spare penny you might have when working on your vehicle. Instead, we want to make you comfortable, take care of your needs, and more importantly; have you come back to see us in the future. At Mr. Kool’s Automotive, we have deep experience across all import, domestic, foreign, and industrial automobile makes and models. Our expert mechanics are also trained to only use quality parts approved by the manufacturer for repairs we make to your vehicle. Conversely, we find that many other shops will use knock-off parts that are not OEM approved in order to squeeze a few more dollars of profit out of you while conducting repair services.

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In order to help some of our busy customers who just can’t break away from the daily grind during the week, Mr. Kool’s Automotive opens on Saturdays to provide our full range of auto mechanic services on the weekend when many other shops are closed. Our ASE certified technicians are able to do just about any service on your vehicle. We specialize in a number of recurring services to include radiator and muffler repairs, oil changes, brank inspections, repairs, and change outs, wheel alignments, tune ups, engine repair and much more. All work completed in our garage comes with a 100% warranty to help give you a full sense of comfort that our work will not only stand up over time, but will be fixed at no charge to you if you have issues in the future with the repair.

At Mr. Kool’s Automotive, we stand behind the quality of work our expert mechanics do every day. You will be hard pressed to find an auto mechanic in the greater Los Angeles area that can both meet and exceed your expectations. We believe in over-communication with our customers so that you can make smart decisions about what automotive maintenance you should accomplish today, and what repairs can wait until your next trip to our garage.